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UK WINGS Focus Group

The UK focus group for WINGS took place during the Female Enterprise Café event organised by Inova Consultancy on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, 19th November 2014 as an occasion for women in South Yorkshire to network and share experiences related to enterprise.

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6 Innovative Women to Watch in 2015

In fields as varied as robotics, finance, biomedical engineering and education, these innovators have taken a decidedly humanistic approach to effecting positive change. It’s a benevolent form of leadership that is driving real results while setting the stage for the next generation of socially conscious entrepreneurs. Keep an eye out for these women and their pioneering work—we have no doubt you’ll be seeing more of them.

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Portugal Ventures expects to invest up to 20 million Euros per year in its Ignition Programme.

The Call For Entrepreneurship is the entry point to the Ignition Programme, a new initiative led by Portugal Ventures to promote investment for market-oriented scientific and technological projects in the Seed Capital phase.

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