UK WINGS Focus Group

The UK focus group for WINGS took place during the Female Enterprise Café event organised by Inova Consultancy on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, 19th November 2014 as an occasion for women in South Yorkshire to network and share experiences related to enterprise.

During the event discussions in groups of five to twelve women were held, each one with a specific theme that the participants could participate in. The title of the conversation where the WINGS focus group took place was "Tips and ideas on starting up a business" and incorporated issues and challenges women felt they faced when starting up in business. The discussion was led by Christina Lima Trinidade, a business advisor from Business Sheffield.

This was a great opportunity for the UK WINGS partner, Inova, to get a good understanding of the target group with regards to becoming self-employed, particularly focussing on younger female migrants and how they view starting up in a new country.