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A class of her own: Anthemis founder Amy Nauiokas talks gender and the future of banks

Amy Nauiokas, the founder of the media production firm ‘Archer Gray’ admits that being female has sculpted her path: “I knew that, as a senior woman, the trip would be that little bit more difficult and less rewarding than for my male counterparts. When I thought about what I wanted to do, it was a case of, ‘is it worth fighting the fight, or shall I go and start my own thing and not worry about it so much?” Have a look!

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Ladies, it’s time for you to spread your WINGS!

Ladies, it’s time for you to spread your WINGS! Money is an excuse no more! Three British women speak of their experiences in overcoming financial barriers to launch their own business! More in the article!

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Beatrice de Montille definitely has WINGS!

The management graduate of the French Edhec Business School and founder of the jewellery company ‘Merci Maman’ says “Establish what you are good at. Be yourself and believe in yourself. Be innovative and fresh.” Have a look!

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