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Annie Anthony-Mays

Annie 's story

I became interested in art in Singapore, inspired by my father who was a sculptor, painter and architect.  I studied art in Singapore at Stamford College but learned a lot from my own father. 

My style of painting can be very explosive but at the same time can be very detailed.   I use Asian and European influences in my paintings and they tend to be colourful and electrifying combined with movement and energy. I am a marathon runner and hence I love a lot of energy and movement which is depicted in my paintings. I also like figurative styles and incorporate them in my paintings.  I use acrylic, poster, gouache, emulsion and water colours in most of my paintings. 

 I am still learning as a relatively new artist in Sheffield.  I am a member of  Walkley Edge Arts and Heeley Art Group.    

 In Sheffield I consider myself as a self-taught artist, through observing other artists at work and attending art exhibitions and galleries. I do my paintings at weekends and also work as a volunteer to run art workshops working with refugees and asylum seekers to break barriers and improve thier communication skills.

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