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Container Hostel Garden
Live a more colorful life with us

Anna's story

It is rather just an idea than an actualshop. Our plan is to create a green environment in the heart of Budapest where you can live in colorful container houses as a tourist for days. It is a great experience not only to visit the beautiful and charming Hungary but also to have a very special experience being one of the first people who can try this innovativ accomodation idea.

My target costumers are those people who want to discover innovative but cheap accomodations which provides safety and a comfortable place. We try to lower the price as much as we can so it only provides basic services and equipments in one house, so you can spend most of your money on sightseeing or pubs..etc. This why we want to speacalize it for students and travellers with low budget.

The houses includes basic equipments: bed, table,fridge, microwave, and a bathroom where the showers are works based on the pay as you go system but in this case it is pay as you shower!
Also wifi would be provided with one condition: like our facebook page (which will put on new photos every week from our travellers!)

There would be a 0-24 security.

Anyone who want to advertise their pub there or want to have any contract with us are welcomed. This container hostel garden is a whole new experience for the city and for the travellers so high popularity is expected in the media.

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