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Passionate about your performance

Dawn's services

Performance Coaching

Unleashing your potential in both your professional & personal life with passion!

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Team Action Management - TAM UK

TAM delivers successful change and incresed performance to all people based organisations

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Employability Training

Making sure you have that edge against all other applicants applying for that coveted position!

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Entrepreneurial Mentoring

Instead of placing your destiny in the hands of others, raise your game and take control of your life by setting up your own business! I can show you how!

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Dawn's story

With 20 years of experience running businesses, developing people and leading teams in the UK, Europe, and the Middle East, Dawn Bates has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that comes with a deep understanding of diverse cultural mindsets and practices that will propel you forward. 

When you work with Dawn to develop your business, you’ll create renewed energy and a collective vision for your organisation – one you and your team will gain a new sense of passion for.

As a published author that has lived overseas in a culture vastly different to the one she grew up in, Dawn went through a shock divorce after 18 years of marriage.  After this major upheaval in her life, she became an accomplished athlete, discovered self-love, a new way of eating and changed her lifestyle resulting in dropping 6 dress sizes.

She has the knowledge, and the empathy, to coach you while you take on either your first big challenge or the latest in a long line of testing situations.



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