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Ignite Imaginations
A Community Arts Organisation

Luisa's story

At Ignite Imaginations we run events and workshops using high quality visual arts, creative writing and poetry to support individuals to increase confidence, skill and sense of community.

We often use creativity as a vehicle to explore a social question or theme. This year our themes are: What is Beauty? - How Am I? - Where am I from?

We strive to provide unusual, inspiring and innovative experiences for communities of all ages and backgrounds; aiming specifically at those that would not normally have the opportunity.

Over the past 12 years we have;

  • Worked with over 25,000 people

  • Collaborated with over 80 partners

  • Delivered around 1000 events and workshops across the city.

  • Received 1000 hours of volunteer time

  • Fundraised over £700,000 for creative delivery in and around Sheffield.

 We work with people from all ages and backgrounds and through all of our projects we;

  • Innovate: bring new, bespoke and ambitious artistic delivery and opportunities to communities.

  • Work in Partnership: projects are relevant, meaningful and informed by our partners and participants.

  • Leave a legacy: delivering community celebrations, exhibitions, publications or temporary or permanent changes for every project. We believe in long term and meaningful intervention and activity.

  • Include professional and personal development: offering ongoing training, support and skill shares to our volunteers and artists as well as opportunities for internships, work experience and graduate placements.

For the latest information on events and workshops, we happily refer you to our website and Facebook page.



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