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In Subsidium
We operate as an orchestra conductor - form the hollostic view and create harmony for your business!

Monika's services

Public Sector

We offer consulting and project administration services for EU programmes designed to support manufacturers and service companies.

Some of the relevant EU financial instruments that we could consult you on: Eco konsultantas LT, E-verslas LT, Regio invest LT and many more!

Rural Development

We will assist you with applying for ES funds dedicated to European rural development.

The programmes were designed to reach the following long-term goals: increase competitiveness in the sector, ensure eco-efficiency and unity in terms of European climate policies, create more jobs and help expand agricultural communities.


We organize trainings dedicated to contracting authorities and suppliers.

The major goal is to teach our clients how to avoid mistakes in public procurement processes.

We offer interactive trainings full of practical tasks and case studies.

Monika's story

In Subsidium has been on the market for over 10 years now. We consult Lithuanian and international companies; agricultural companies and farmers on issues related to EU funds and their business activities. We also offer services to the public sector. We assist them with preparing applications for EU financial support, writing business plans, investment projects and feasibility studies.



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