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Smart furniture by IvyDesign

We create and manufacture unique furniture based on design concepts with focus on sustainability and functionality. Our series stand out due to a high adaptability in customized esthetics like surfaces, colors and sizes we adapt on demand.

Picture Table / Mirror Table. A table that turns into a picture frame when it is not in use. The strong, quality wood construction is a novel kind of folding table, which quickly and easily becomes an elegant, trendy and modern picture frame for paintings, posters or photo collections. One person can change from table to picture frame and vice versa in under 20 seconds. No tools or assistance required! The individual artwork can be placed into the frame, or, for people who prefer, we offer this fold up desk construction with a mirror instead of plexiglass. Up to 5 people can be seated comfortably on the special dining table, 2 lengthwise and one on the table end – ideal for small flats, dining rooms in a spacious corridor or multifunctional coffee houses. The sophisticated construction of the walltables Picture Table and Mirror Table designed by Verena Lang are available in many colors and veneers like macassar, birch, maple, oak, beech and are manufactured with the closest of attention to detail.

Rocking Zoo – to rock, to snuggle, to style. Since the 19th century, the traditional rocking horse, has been one of the most popular children’s toys in Europe. That traditional concept moves forward in a new way with IvyDesigns RockingZoo toys.
While pieces of the new collection don’t always look like your typical rocking horses, with exotic exemplars such as cuddly polar bears, fluffy greyhounds and howling wolves, they have a style all their own, and are sure to brighten any living room. Add a personal touch with a comb or brush: After having a fling rocking on the animals, the wild and wooly fur is perfect for trying out creative hairstyles such as ponytails, cool dreadlocks, shocktops, or wherever your imagination takes you. It’s an occasion to entertain the whole family!

The trendy playfellows are made from high quality, natural materials such as real sheep wool, leather and wood. The big round eyes and noses are made from durable, high-quality leather, giving the animals a unique look that will last for years. To protect stone and wood floors and to prevent slipping and sliding, the rocker runners are enveloped in strong leather bands.
This quality, design, and attention to detail is sure to make an impression with granny, grandpa and all your visiting friends and family.



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