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CRM Consulting
for Your Professional Management

Kamile's services

Market analysis

We make field researches, customer surveys with our team composed of over 100 field researchers. In the end a high quality analysis report is provided to support your business decisions in Turkey.

Training services

We provide trainings based on your needs and business challenges. Here are main topics;

- Management Trainings

- Customer Relations and Market Development Trainings

- Human Resources and Development Trainings

- Engineering Trainings

- Management Systems' Trainings

To review details, please visit our website; www.crmconsulting.net



Consulting services

We provide applied consultancy services which is very efficient then regular consulting services which means CRM Consulting works on result basis. Here are main topics of our services;

   - Customer and market management consulting services

   - Business planning

   - Manufacturing management services

   - Reorganization and restructuring

   - ISO Management systems

   - Human resources management

   - Ethics management

    - Organizational culture

You can review the details on our website; www.crmconsulting.net

Kamile's story

Our company was established in 2002 by a female entrepreneur Kamile Canbay where she has been head of steering committe over ten years. She had a passion to act in business as an entrepreneur when she was very young. And this passion came true with success.

Since then, the company provides consulting and training services for national or international companies and instutions with a wide range of services. CRM Consulting assures high quality services and very efficient change management in your instutitons. 

The mission is;

Business development of our customers

Strengthen businesses and communities through excellence in service

- Successful change management in your company with provided services



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