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Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Tijana's story

The Company for production, wholesale and retail of goods "Ukras" d.o.o Vranje was established on Sept 1st 1993 and its re-registration, in accordance with the applicable Law, was done on Sept 9th 1995.Its business office is in Vranje, Partizanski put 8/2, but its production facility is located in the village of Lepenica, Municipalities Vladičin Han. "Ukras" d.o.o. Vranje is engaged in production of high quality protective gloves "BEST" and in knitted, cotton gloves that are widely used in construction, metal processing and wood processing industry.

"Ukras" d.o.o Vranje has complete production process. "Ukras" d.o.o Vranje is also engaged in wholesale of complete protective equipment .

We can achieve business cooperation with companies dealing in construction, metal processing, wood processing industry but also with food processing ones. As well as, we can have a business cooperation with public companies (utilities, water supply, power supply ), health institutions, the army, the police or with their suppliers.

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