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Pura Panela
100% natural product

Natalia's story

Pura Panela distributes panela in the UK and developing healthy products using panela (of course!). We are a small business based in the heart of tropical Sheffield. No really it is…haven’t you been? It’s just like Colombia… Anyway, over the past year we have been selling our lovely, tasty sweet stuff in local shops and food festivals. We are currently working on a range of healthy panela-based products. You’re going to love them! But we can’t tell you about them just yet…

We won the award for ‘Best business idea’ at the University of Sheffield’s annual enterprise awards. We also were nominated for the BQ Emerging Entrepreneur Award and were featured in The Guardian as a Start-up of the Year 2014. But enough of all that. We want to hear from you. Either get in touch on social media or leave us a message here. Find out what we are up to and, if you bag yourself some Pura Panela tell us what you think of it and how you used it. Perhaps your recipe idea will make it onto the back of our packets!



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