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Takara Crafts and Collectables
Sheffield based hair accessory maker. Find your treasure here.

Cora's services

Bespoke Tsumami Kanzashi Hair Accessory

Apart from selling my own design, I can also make customised hair accessory according to your need. If you aren't sure what you want, please feel free to check out my products on our store on Etsy to get an idea of what elements you like in your hair accessories.


Cora's story

Takara Crafts and Collectables is a business selling handmade hair accessories and vintage objects. The business is run together with one other business partner. As an owner, I handle customer inquiries and promote our business through social media and the business web page. I also plan for the setting up of stalls at craft fairs and demonstration. I am also the craftsman of the business, making hair accessories through the traditional Japanese art of Tsumami-zaiku - the art of creating flowers, birds, and butterflies by folding and assembling small pieces of fabric. Apart from creating my own design, I also take orders and make bespoke hair accessories.

Before becoming a craftsman and a business owner, I was a research student at the University of Sheffield, UK. Although I like science and wanted a career in the field, I found myself tired and worn out after a few years of research. Some long chat and encouragement later, I decided to quit and set up a business with my friend, selling beautiful things that we found and created. Takara means "treasure" in Japanese. It was named not only because of my traditional Japanese crafts, but also my hope that everyone can find their treasures in our store.



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