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Vital Force Massage
Dynamic, through the clothes massage service carried out on-site, at your place of work.

Peta's story

Our lives today are as fast paced and busy as they’ve ever been. We are working longer hours and with technology making the world a smaller place we are never far away from emails, messages and information that needs constant monitoring and answering.

The pressure to perform consistently can result in employees struggling to ‘keep up’ and consequently having to take time away from work in order to deal with the ‘stress’.

This faster paced life takes it’s toll with physical symptoms such as tight muscles, headaches and tiredness and psychological symptoms like apathy and a feeling of being over-whelmed which can lead to a lack of confidence and depression.

At Vital Force Massage we address all these symptoms, from the physical to the psychological with an immediate and effective solution. Vital Force has a growing network of highly trained, experienced therapists throughout the country so no matter where you are we can visit you in your company and help to make your working environment a happier more productive place.


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