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Yee Kwan
The taste of Asia for Retail and Foodservice

Yee Kwan's story

With my company `Yee Kwan` I produce a range of 20 delicious ice creams and sorbets in my SALSA accredited ice cream factory. The exotic and innovative flavours are ideally suited to East Asian cuisine and are already being sold in premium food stores Harvey Nichols, Wholefoods Market and restaurants around the UK. Favourites include bestseller Green Tea, Great Taste Award winner Lychee & Rose Sorbet, Black Sesame Seed, Lychee and my favourite Lime & Lemongrass.

“My Mum always said: flavour is the best recipe for joy" she has guided the traditions and values of the Yee range.  I came to the idea that for my ice creams and sorbets to stand out I had to do three things:

  1. Truly Asian flavours - true to my love of Asia and travel.
  2. Passionately made - with real milk, whipped cream and only the best quality ingredients we’ve sourced from around the world.
  3. Deeply indulgent - what's the best thing about my ice creams and sorbets? the deeply indulgent tastes that we associate with the mystery and elegance of the Orient. I want you to experience this

In 2015 I decided to enter Dragon’s Den because my vision for Yee Kwan is to become the leading brand of East Asian desserts. I felt the Dragons would give me a real and true evaluation on whether my quirky range of flavours had a bright future.

Deborah (Dragon’s Den Investor) says: ‘Yee is a tremendous example of how entrepreneurs with great ideas, excellent products, a sound business model and the passion and drive to succeed can quickly make a difference in business, as well as in their local communities. I am looking forward to helping her take these delicious ice-creams to many more people across the UK and developing new product ranges using her unique flavours.”



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