Female Migrant Entrepreneurship - Outcomes from the WINGS Diversity Report

Which are the main challenges for the Female Migrant Entrepreneurs today in the European Union? And what can the decision makers and the research Institutions do in order to promote Female Migrant Entrepreneurship? The Diversity Report, realized under the European project WINGS, aims at providing an overview of the programs addressing female migrant entrepreneurship, developing recommendations for the improvement of the overall ecosystem and providing resources and services dedicated to this specific target group.

Female Migrant Entrepreneurship - Outcomes from the WINGS Diversity Report

In the last two decades the number of migrant businesses has more than doubled both in the US and the EU, with different rates and processes. Nowadays, migrant self-employment and businesses represent a relevant percentage of the EU economies. Within Europe, migrants as a group are slightly more likely to engage in entrepreneurship than natives. Activities extend beyond traditional ethnic businesses and migrants are now creating businesses in a wide range of occupations and sectors, including innovative areas. 

The Diversity Report analized this scenario through a desk analysis and a qualitative research carried out by focus groups with relevant target and stakeholders realized in 7 of the 8 countries involved in WINGS project: Austria, Denmark, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Poland and Turkey.

The main evidences from the research are:

  1. the prevalence of the gender dimension on the ethnic dimension and, therefore, the need of a stronger integration of work-life balances issues;
  2. the need to support the overall business process and stages (not only start-up).


The Diversity Report provides recommendations to the Decision Makers asking them to promote the businesses along their ongoing process and move from the general incentives to the targeted ones.

To the Research Institutions the Diversity Report proposes to build a common statistic methodology and to integrate welafre, inclusion and entrepreneuship policies and incentives.

Finally, to Female Migrant Entrepreneurs (actual and potential) proposes to expand their networks. From the qualitative analysis it has been determined that females are better at networking, sharing and helping than their male counterparts.  In the Diversity Report vision, networking can be used in multiple ways:

  1. As learning space to facilitate the sharing of experiences, the heterogeneity of contents and the know-how of other successful entrepreneurs.
  2. As a market facilitator to promote the search/connection among the partners.
  3. As a market itself to deliver professional services.
  4. As information access and a facilitator tool to define a guideline on taxation, regulation, opportunities and legal background and more so.


The Diversity Report was developed under the project WINGS - Elevating Women Entrepreneurship Initiatives for Generating Sustainable Impact and Networks, funded by the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme 2013 KA 3 ICT Multilateral Network. The project is coordinated by the Austrian University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum with a partnership composed by 8 organizations from 8 EU countries. The activities started in 2014 and will end at the end of 2016.

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Check the brochure about the Diversity Report: http://wings-network.eu/uploads/news/Brochure_Diversity_Report_WINGS_WEB.pdf

Check the summary of the Diversity Report: http://wings-network.eu/uploads/news/WINGS_Diversity%20Report_%20SHORT_Final.pdf

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