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Celebration International Women's Day 2015

On 3rd March, Inova’s staff were invited to present the WINGS Network at an event in Leeds to celebrate International Women’s Day 2015. We were hosted by one of our selected good practices, Connecting Enterprising Women (CEW), a programme that gives the opportunity to girls to establish a mentoring relationship with successful female entrepreneurs to develop their skills and give them a greater scope in their future career.

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ICE second meeting at McDaniel College

On Monday 9th March 2015, a second meeting was held between Dr Agnieszka Klucznik-Törő (International Center for Entrepreneurship) and Dr Matthew Adamson and Mr Robert Bunker from McDaniel College Budapest.

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Immigration and agricolture: training courses in agricultural business management, aimed at migrants

The service of training, orientation and support for enterprise’s creation in the agricultural and food sector for third-country nationals is an activity realized in range of SOFIIA 3, a project managed by the Ministry of Agricultural Policy, financed by the European Commission and Italian Ministry of Interior under the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals (AP 2013). The service is managed by: Cooperativa Agricoltura Capodarco, Programma integra s.c.s., Fondazione Roma Solidale, Associazione Capodarco Roma Formazione Onlus.

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