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Hearing other entrepreneurs’ small business success stories can often inspire and give great guidance to those who are just starting out.

The success story of Carmen Torrella

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The story

My name is Carmen Torrella, I am an experienced translator and Interpreter since 2010. I am currently located in Seville from where I work as a translator and interpreter (Spanish, English and French) and as a Translation Associate Professor at the University Pablo de Olavide.
I studied Translation and Interpreting in English and French, and also studied Italian and Chinese in the University Pablo de Olavide (Seville, Spain), where I graduated with honours. I had the chance of studying several times abroad, namely the University Hogeschool Gent (Belgium) and North Central College (USA) where I studied in 2008 and 2009/2010 respectively, learning linguistics and the latest methodology in translation and interpreting.
After the completion of my degree, I started my career as a translator while I completed a MA in European Studies (University of Seville and Florence, 2011). Since then, I have been working as a freelance translator and as a project manager in the world of International Trade (Casablanca, Córdoba & Seville). Throughout those years, I specialised in the translation of legal, technical and marketing documents.
2015 was the perfect moment to start managing my own project, and I decided to create the brand MatchBetter, where I count with the permanent collaboration of skilled translators.
2016 is being a good year for the time being and I expect it to become better and make the brand MatchBetter more widely known.

What is your business idea and how do you impact your community?

My business idea is building a network of translators working together, translators whose focus is creating high quality translations and committing to the clients.
The impact of my project can be regarded from two different perspectives. On the one hand, this brand is intended to have an impact on my colleagues. I have been working for several years with different professionals and they are especially good at what they do but sometimes work in poor conditions due to the lack of stability a freelance position usually offers. For this reason, creating a network providing a consistent flow of work would result in a better outlook for these professionals. On the other hand, through posts and by doing the things the best we know, I hope we can reach society in our area and make them understand the importance of language since in the area where we mainly work our profession is often unknown and companies hire people without the adequate training.

What was the biggest obstacle to overcome while developing your business?

I would say that stress is the biggest barrier I have come across. We find barriers everyday: administrative issues, price wars, technological problems… but those will always be there and the most important point is the attitude we take towards them, releasing our mind from fears and axioms.

What means success to you?

Success means to me engaging in work you love, doing it the best you can and reaching people from all corners of the globe.

Do you have any advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs?

If I were to be asked for a piece of advice I’d say be perseverant which is actually what I tell myself every day. Each day of our lives we have what we did that day and what we did before; thus, the more effort you put into your project, the greater the steps you can make the following day will be. I’d also add be organized, organization has always been my best ally.